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Long Distance Relationship Advice


There is an old saying that goes along the lines that absence makes the heart grow fonder. If that is the case then distance makes the mind go haywire. In all seriousness, it is never easy to deal with being separated from someone that you truly love. Thankfully, there are ways you can deal with problems with being far apart from a paramour. For those interested in long distance relationship advice, here are a few things that may help you remain sane even when it can prove highly difficult to do so.

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Don’t try to communicate too much. This piece of advice is the second most important thing to know and it is listed first because it is the number one common error people make in a long distance relationship. How so? Why is it best to curtail communications? In some ways, it can make you pine even more. In other ways, it can make one party look like a stalker. It can also lead to one party assuming the other is checking up on them. The bottom line here is you should keep communication to more reasonable levels.

Now we can look at the number one component of long distance relationship advice. You and your partner need to establish some level of ground rules in how the relationship will progress while far apart. Will you both be ‘allowed’ to date others? Are there set times of the month or year you are to be together. Figure out how you want to approach things prior to establishing such a potentially awkward relationship.

Here is another piece of advice that needs to be well understood and established: both parties need to visit the other. A long distance relationship will never work if one party is doing all the travel. Unless financial issues or other serious problems prevent one party from seeing the other, it is a must that both take the responsible steps to visit each other. If not then it may be likely one party in the relationship really is not serious. This may be a bitter pill to swallow but it needs to be accepted.

Here is a very important piece of long distance relationship advice: you will need to trust the other person. On the flipside, the other party is going to need to raise his/her level of trust significantly as well. If not then the entire relationship could devolve into mistrust, distrust, and jealously. What would be the value in that? There isn’t any so build up levels of trust when taking part in a long distance relationship.

In parting, the best long distance relationship advice to receive would be to not let the distance undermine your ability to live a complete life. Those that lament over a long distance relationship and let it eat them up will go crazy over the situation. Why put yourself through such misery? There is no reason to do so and you should live your life as best as you can despite the distance.

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